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As the most visual aspect of any home, the painted surface has to be on point, on trend and beautiful. The decision to paint your home involves more than just a colour scheme. You are trusting your painter to create a space within those walls that’s inviting, soothing, uplifting and relaxing. Knowing how to do that takes experience and skill and that’s why Wagner’s Painting Services is the perfect choice for your project. The business owner, Levi, takes time to consult with his clients and makes it his responsibility to keep a skilled eye on changing consumer tastes, colour palettes and finishes.

Levi values the preferences and expectations of each client.  He conducts a detailed consultation to determine colour schemes, styles and finishes. He’s also mindful that homeowners don’t always have access to the latest fashions and styles , the ‘magic’ that sets their property apart from the rest. The consultation is the start of a process that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

“The paintwork is the most visual aspect of the home, inside and out.  It’s the ‘wow’ factor,” Levi says. “A great paint job can also increase the value of a home significantly by up to ten per cent. That’s potentially tens of thousands of dollars.”

“Anyone can open a can of paint and slap it on the walls, but considering the value that a beautiful paint job can add to your home, you want the best people to do the best job. You want the ‘wow’ factor.”

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